BackBlaze vs CrashPlan

About two years ago I began to practice what I preach to all my customers, family and friends about data backup:

Backup everything or you are playing with fire!

playing with fire no backup

So I quickly began to look for the lowest cost solution to the problem (I am a bit cheap what else can I really say). The first choice of course was to utilize the wealth of old hard drives I had sitting around.  I bought a hard drive dock that let me use these internal drives like a thumb drive.  It was a great win as I killed two birds with one stone.

  • Utilized a bunch of hard drives that were collecting dust
  • Didn’t have any recurring costs to worry about

That was until the primary deficiency this approach had reared its ugly head, me!  Yup this relied on me to spend the time to update the backup sets on a frequent basis.  In addition (since I was extra paranoid), I was trying to rotate hard drives with my safety deposit box (effectively creating an offsite backup solution).  Time for a better solution!

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