Back to the lab again

As I sit here on my first day back in the office, after enjoying a week’s long respite (vacation) from the proverbial grind, I find myself pondering how one could be eased back into the work environment post an extended break.  It has certainly occurred to me that returning to the office late into a development sprint can be a painful way to re-join the collective.  You are pretty much guaranteed one of two possible outcomes:

  1. The sprint will be incredibly behind requiring one to accelerate from 0-60 mph before setting foot into the office
  2. The sprint will be well in-hand forcing one to keep themselves awake in between inevitable begging for something to do (yup my current reality)

So what should someone do, should they stay plugged into the sprint during a vacation by checking Email/Slack occasionally?  Should they reserve a time block the morning of their return to ramp back up with the sprint.  I almost wonder if it would be better/more serving of the company’s time to push that resource towards research opportunities for the next sprint and/or to absorb technical debt code solutions have ultimately accumulated over their lifespan.

The bottom line is there certainly are no quick fixes/right ways to re-indoctrinate a resource that has essentially turned off their mind as much as possible over the period of their escape.  So what say you Internet, how do you approach plugging back in after vacation?  Comments will stimulate my mind away from the meandering day dreams of drinking Not Your Father’s Root Beer on a sandy North Carolina beach.